Kenneth Andrew Burns


Carnival Art
My interest in the design and construction of carnival costumes developed through direct involvement with the West End Carnival in Glasgow. Not long after being elected as a local City Councillor in 1999 (for a single term), I became a member of the Board of Management helping to organise the event. I took a hands-on approach and found myself dressing up in the 2001 parade, making costumes from then on.

Carnival arts encompass the visual arts, music, dance and choreography. My main concern was how to attach the large costumes to someone's body safely, without being too cumbersome or heavy. I have devised a method of creating an integral body-harness which complies to my criteria.  Over the past fifteen years, I expanded my ideas and creations. 

Over the years, I was commissioned by the West End Festival organisers to make costumes for the Festival Parade, using the mystical theme as an inspiration to create three colourful costumes - two of whom are displayed in photographs to the left.

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Carnival Art
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